The Wagon is our home. A retired 7.5 tonne removals truck, converted into the ultimate adventure surf-mobile. Every detail has been considered in the creation of this beast to ensure that it makes your trip the best experience imaginable. Here are just a few points worth noting:


Our kitchen is fitted with two fridges, domestic size sink and a full gas oven, grill and four hobs. 700 litres fresh water holding capacity, enabling us to cook and shower for days on end in the desert, if that’s where the swell’s pumping.

The bathroom has a genuine Jabsco marine toilet, which is far more hygienic and more luxurious than your usual camper van toilets. It re-cycles the used shower water for the flushing system. The shower is powered by a 60PSI pump, pushing 8 litres per minute. There is a domestic grade LPG water heater, which produces hot water instantly allowing you to have nice warm showers.

There is a large board storage area under the living room floor, which is accessible from the outside of the Wagon. This is securely locked and fitted with an alarm. The storage area can fit approximately 22 boards (fins removed) up to 8ft in length.

The living room, which is clad with reclaimed pallet wood has plenty of comfortable seating and a TV with DVD player and USB or HDMI connection, so we can easily watch back any surf footage taken.

We have an 8ft x 8ft terrace area which we walk out onto from our main door. This provides the perfect vantage points to check out the surf and also an ideal place to chill out or soak up the sun. We’ve even got two hanging hammock chairs, for the extra bit of comfort. 

Cleanliness is very important to us. To ensure you’re stay is as comfortable as possible, we thoroughly clean the Wagon every single day. We also have a hand sanitiser dispenser, to avoid transfer of any germs. Worry not, all products used are eco friendly and the Wagon doesn’t end up smelling like a hospital!