Our Packages

We have some awesome packages to choose from


If you're looking to join us on your own, or as a small group that doesn't require exclusive use of the Wagon, this is the best option for you. €320/week per person


If you're not able to commit to a full week with us, the Flexitrip allows you to book a day at a time. €50/day per person.


Skint, but desperate to get out and join us? If you’ve got a skill or service that may be of use to us, why not see if we’re willing to make a trade?


If you're in a group and/or want to have exclusive use of the Wagon and our services, this is the one for you. Since you'll have exclusive access to the truck, you can decide what we do and where we go. You may even want to use the Wagon for a climbing, kitesurfing or sight-seeing trip: the choice is yours! €1820/week


- Accommodation, which is of course in the Wagon. Full length bunk beds, toilet and hot shower, full kitchen and a living room with DVD player and TV. - Surfers breakfast (Eggs, pancakes, cereal, bread, tea, coffee, juice etc) - Terrace Lunch (Fresh made sandwich buffet, pasta/rice, juice etc) - Free cooking course during one evening meal cooking. Learn to cook a killer Tajine! - Surf Guiding to ensure you're always in the best location possible and get to explore the coast - Board rental. Use of our unique, hand shaped boards. - On-board wifi - Wagon Atmosphere & Surf Culture. From epic sunsets, clinking cold beers on the beach, to camp fires on cliff edges and everything in between. - Wagon cleaned daily & 24hr assistance

 All Packages Include


Our adventure Wagon is the ultimate surfers’ accommodation. There is a domestic hot shower fitted, as well as an outside shower for rinsing off after surfing. The living room can easily seat eight and makes the ideal area to kick back and relax, watch a movie or debrief surf films. There are six bunk beds, each with its own privacy curtain, freshly-made and waiting for you to hop in for a well-deserved, post-surf rest. Walk out of the main door and you step out onto our terrace area, which has two hanging hammock chairs. We carry this luxurious chill-out zone with us, so you can relax in comfort any time of day, right in front of the waves!


A buffet-style breakfast will be provided every morning. There will also be a buffet lunch laid out in the afternoon, for you to have a salad, sandwich, pasta dish, or all three, as well as fresh fruit and yoghurt. The local food on the Portuguese and Moroccan coast is delicious and such great value that we’ve decided not to provide cooked meals each evening, but we do have a BBQ option one night per week. Other than that we leave it for you to decide what you’d like to do for your evening meals, though we are always happy to recommend local eateries and dishes.


Airport transfers are available, but are not included in the initial package. This can be added in the booking. Of course, all other travel throughout the week is included in your package price; our travel plans are never set, as we travel to wherever the best waves are.


We have a nice line-up of boards, including really unique styles that we’re sure you’ll be keen to give a try, no matter how strong your attachment to your own board! We have a spacious and secure board storage area that fits boards up to 8ft long. For longer boards, please speak to us first and we’ll endeavour for provide a solution.


We have plenty of toys at your disposal to keep you entertained during the time out the water: everything from instruments, to board games, slack-lines, balance boards and poi sticks.


We are fortunate enough to have an incredible photographer on our staff. While Matt will be taking photos on a daily basis, if you’d like personal in/out water shots, we are able to provide this for an additional fee.

Additional Services Available

Transfers can only be purchased at the time of booking your package. The price for transfers is €65, which includes collection from the airport and drop off for your return flight.

This covers you for any damage you may accidentally cause to the Wagon or our products (including surfboards). The cost is €22 per person. This is strongly recommended and is available for purchase online, during booking.

A week long course, consisting of a 20 minute class per day. By the end of the week, you’ll have a basic understanding of the science behind waves and how they’re produced as well as an understanding of how to read swell charts. Combining this knowledge with the online forecasts available is invaluable to any surfer. The course cost is €39 and can be signed up for and paid for on arrival.

Once per week we cook up a full BBQ in the evening. Cost for the BBQ is €10, which can be paid any day before the BBQ.

In-water and out-of-water photography is available from out resident photographer Matt H-B. For prices and information, speak to Matt on arrival..