Touch Down

By Matt G – 06/10/2015 Wagon Surf Peniche

We’ve touched down in Peniche. We broke the journey down over two days, so it was a nice easy cruise. It’s great to get to some sun and surf, and catch up with friends.

The reaction to the Wagon in Peniche has been great. I’d expected that it would get some attention, after all it’s not all that subtle, but it’s been more of a head-turner than I’d expected. Everyone is checking us out as we drive. Heaps of people have come over and asked for a look around. Everyone seems stoked for our concept and feeds us lots of encouragement.

We got parked up on the cliffs just north of town. Nice quiet spot, overlooking four nice peaks and with nobody else around. We had a nice relaxed surf, to ease ourselves into the season and followed it up with a cold beer while kicking back in on a bean bag and enjoying the sunset from the terrace.

We had some good friends over for dinner in the Wagon and enjoyed our first night sleeping at the break. Can’t beat waking up and walking out to see clean lines.

We’re now really excited to meet up with Matt H-B and Steph, who are currently making the journey down Spain in the support vehicle and their great van! First customers arriving on Friday, so we’ll be making some final preparations tomorrow. Bring on the good times!