Touch Down – Morocco!

On the move down the Morocco coast (Photo by Steph)

By Matt G – 06/12/2015 

Last week ended with a clean swell and lines as far as the eye could see, whipping along the southern coast of Portugal. Fortunately for us, we were heading south, taking our adventure to Morocco, so we were able to hop in for some nice waves to break up the journey.

group surf portugal Group shot after the last sunset surf in Peniche, before heading south (Photo by Matt H-B)

It’s perfect timing to start moving south. We’ve just witnessed Portugal’s change of season, which happened over the course of a couple of days, dropping temperatures by about 4 degrees! As we drive south, we’re greeted by warmer and warmer weather and clear blue skies.

Rather than take the inland route via Marakesh, we’re going the ‘fun’ route down the coast. Last night we slept just north of Rabat, intending on getting a morning surf. After such a long journey down though, we all opted for a bit of a lie in instead. There was no need to set alarms, as the 5:30am call to prayers always provides the ideal alarm when we park anywhere near a mosque.

_PJD2138 Mike, one our our guests that flew over from the USA, is the only surfer paddling out to take on some bombs at Consolicao (Photo by Matt H-B)

The forecasts look good for Safi, which is an incredible wave when nature provides all the necessary conditions to light up the pumping right hander, so we’re currently heading there as fast as possible.

There’s also a bunch of peachy reefs just north of Safi, so we’re all full of excitement and anticipation to see what’s in store for our first Moroccan surf of the season.

We still have a bit of availability before 28th December, so if you fancy a last minute, pre-Christmas trip, get in touch and joint the adventure! You can see our ‘special offers’ page for a great last minute trip and through our website, you can check availability and make bookings in seconds.

Game on! Yeeeeeeeew.