The chase is on

Sven setting up to tuck into a barrel. (Photo by Steph)

By Matt G – 25/10/2015 

This week we’ve got Sven on board. He’s an experienced Belgian surfer, keen to get his cut-backs dialled.

The start of the week there was very little swell hitting the Portuguese coast. Many of the main breaks were flat and we were put to the test to chase some swell. We found it at unnamed, exposed river mouth beach break just at the entrance to the Obidos lagoon.

We parked up at a beautiful spot by the lagoon, where we could enjoy camp fires at night and easily head to the break for surf sessions.

Evening having a few beers around the fire. (photo by Matt H-B)

The waves were super uncrowded, with only a handful of surfers in the water. We found ourselves paddling with a few pros, amongst which was Damien Hobgood, who were in the area for the Ripcurl Pro in Peniche and were looking for some waves to train. On Wednesday evening, there was just four of us in the water, with five pros and we had barrels being taken and some really fun waves.

When the swell arrived, it arrived in style. Gentle off shore winds and 17 second periods made for some epic conditions. There are some really nice banks formed just north of Peniche at the moment, so we headed there first. Parked up on the cliffs, we could hear the swell building over night and knew we were in for some epic waves.

Will enjoying some glassy waves at Obidos. (Photo by Matt H-B)

Friday and yesterday really delivered and we all enjoyed some pretty serious waves. Sven’s been laying down some mean cut-backs and we’ve all been pushing each other in the water.

Surf Barrel PortugalSven tucking into a barrelling section. (Photo by Steph)

Good times, nice vibes and hopefully next couple of weeks will bring the same glorious luck, as we welcome a lesser experienced group from Germany, keen to hit the water and enjoy some sun!