Morocco Delivers Dreams

By Matt G- 13/02/2016

1534878_1036330659772553_7538639636077965575_oMoroccan Sunset (Photo by Matt H-B)

This is a long overdue blog update. Fortunately, the reason for such a delay has been too much surfing and adventures!

We’re now more than half way through our trip in Morocco and are still very much stoked to be here. December was nice and quiet for much of central Morocco, with uncrowded waves even possible in the popular surf town of Taghazout!

12710712_1055511611187791_6583900186801882724_oSome post surf fun in the dunes. (Photo by Matt H-B)

While the towns and coast were quiet, the Wagon’s been buzzing, with epic groups from all over the world joining us for some great times! We’ve had the hard drinking Irish, Italian stallions, a flying Fin, some English banter, Welsh warriors, frothing Frenchies, gifted Germans, glamorous Swiss girls and of course the bonkers Belgian beauties.

12716126_1055526471186305_802940021681365690_oThe famous arches in Sidi Ifni. (Photo by Matt H-B)

The characters we’ve encountered on our journeys have only been surpassed by the quality of waves we’ve been blessed with. Most recently, the swell chase has bought us down south to the area of Sidi Ifni. On arrival we were greeted by some of the cleanest and most consistent waves I’ve ever encountered! The peeling rights were almost endless and with only three other people sharing the peak with me, a high wave count was guaranteed!

We’re stoked to now have our first return customers on board! James and Ed, who were our first guests in Portugal have found their way back into the Wagon for a week here in Morocco. We’ve also got two more re-bookings in the diary, which is nice to see. The reviews have been outstanding, with 100% positive feedback so far, which we’re really stoked with. I guess we must be doing something right 😉

mirleft surf

Right hander laid out for Jetske last week. (Photo by Matt G)

We have some availability left for the last couple of weeks in February and first week in March, so if you fancy a last minute trip to the sun and surf, check out the bookings page for Morocco!

See you soon.