Mixing it Up

By Matt G- 27/11/2015 

I may well have laughed more in the last week then I ever have in my life. We’ve got a great bunch on board, all from different walks of life. We’ve had a Belgian, Dutch, American, English and German. The conditions have been pretty challenging, with a strong north wind lashing the length of the Portuguese coast, but we’ve kept on the move and found surf at every occasion possible.


One of the days we took the group to a nice medieval castle and village in Obidos. With it being their first trip to Europe, our American guests were really stoked to see this. We swung by a small Portuguese bar to have a snack, which soon led to a group sing-off (Justin Beber and Mariah Carey were two of our most memorable performances I’d say), dance off and general party with a group of Portuguese friends that were also in there. Copious amounts of booze was consumed and it rolled into being an epic night for everyone involved.

obidos surf crewGroup shot from our night in Obidos

We’ve just spotted a possible standing wave from a lagoon river-mouth in Ericeira, which could well be an awesome spot for a BBQ and river surf session!

the surf crewGroup shot in Ericeira. Fire, beach and a full moon. (Photo by Matt H-B)

We’re now up near Peniche, getting ready to have a BBQ tonight, with some nice fresh local fish. Good times!