Lonely Tracks, Deserted Points and Big Swells

By Matt G- 30/12/2015 

Our time in Morocco has got off to a great start, with journeys down to the desert and some beautiful waves all to ourselves.

We’ve truly put the Wagon to the test, taking down miles of empty desert track in search of some hidden gems. The swell dropped, so we went on a mission south, following the swell and enjoying some real adventures.

surfing saharaJourney south through desert roads, in search of deserted peaks. (Photo: Steph)

One night when we were parked in the desert, we all lay on the terrace, switched off the lights and gazed at the stars to enjoy the tranquility that was given to us. We saw over twenty shooting/falling stars, which we took as a sign of good luck.

surf trip moroccoA nice spot to spend the night and enjoy the pushing tide (Photo: Matt H-B)

The good luck came in the form of an epic swell, which we followed up to the popular area of Taghazout, where there are some world class point breaks capable of making the most of such supreme swells.

I myself took the biggest wave of my surf career, with a towering right hander that I was lucky enough to shred right next to one of my best and oldest friends.

Matt H-B paddled out at Banana point with sets over double overhead, and charged them with the foam board!!!

Big Wave MoroccoMatt H-B drops into a big one on the foamy (Photo: Steph)

It’s fair to say that we all had some big waves and ballsy paddle outs.

We’re now up in the fishing village of Imsuane, ready to enjoy Christmas!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

surfing saharaOne of our guests, Janine, enjoys a quick ride on a camel (photo: Steph)