First Guests

The lads enjoying a morning session.

By Matt G – 14/10/2015 

We’ve got our first guests on board and I’m stoked to say that everything’s going great! The day they arrived, the weather switched and much of Portugal was drowned in heavy rain and high winds. We headed south to dodge as much of it as possible and went to a great break called Sao Torpes, just south of Lisbon. The harbour wall sheltered us from much of the wind and we got some nice waves.

Once the new swell arrived and the weather got back to the usual sun sun sun, we headed to Ericeira. We’ve been here for the past three days and have had some great waves.after surf relaxEvening relaxing and watching a nice movie in the cost living room.

One of our guests in totally new to surfing and he’s been getting to grips with ocean on a nice beach break in southern Ericeira. The other guest is an experienced surfer, who’s been out of the game for a while. Since the swell size and wave quality has built over the week, it’s been a great trip for him to get back into the groove. He’s just bought a new board from the Quicksilver shop, and they’re planning the next trip with us for Morocco in February.

The week has been full of great surfing, big laughs and epic times. Early morning sessions every day and sunset sessions too. Tonight, we pull out the generator and flood light, for a night surf and BBQ.


James, enjoying our proximity to the water!!