Bye Bye Morocco

By Matt G- 23/03/2016 

Well, it’s time for us to say goodbye to Morocco for this season. We’ve had a fantastic four months, filled with adventure, exploration and epic surfing. We’ve even managed to uncover some new breaks, that we hadn’t seen in the past, which is always a treat! Moroccos coast line is filled with untouched points, waiting for people to break the mould and explore to find them.

Morocco Surf Mirleft TaghazoutSome of the beautiful empty waves we enjoyed. (Photo by Steph)

We’ve had some fantastic guests that have really made our time here something special. It’s been super nice to maintain a full Wagon almost the entire trip. We’ve had a flow of guests with different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, all coming together sharing their stories around campfires and pushing each other in the waves. We’ve seen an abundance of epic sunsets, tasty beach BBQ’s, glowing campfires and beautiful friendships which are forged through mutual appreciation for adventure and nature.

This final week has been an absolute gift, with surf conditions most people would associate with Indo and alike. Consistent off shore winds and periods up in the high teens have delivered some incredible swell, tucking into every point and lighting up the entire coastline. We’v had clean, overhead, peeling right hand point breaks all to ourselves which run as long as your legs can carry you! Our guests have been a tight nit crew from Norway, super stoked to just be out of the cold waters back home, so they’ve been mind-blown by waking up at the best waves they’ve every experienced each morning.

Norway Surf Morocco One of the Norwegian guests, Lars, setting up nicely on some nice waves (Photo by Steph)

Now we’ll have some time for maintenance on the Wagon and start our journey back up to Europe and over to Portugal, where we’ll be based for the next month.

We say farewell to Matt H-B and Steph, as they continue on with their travels in another direction. It’s been great to have them in the crew and we look forward to seeing them on the road and in the waves in the future!

Surfing Waves MoroccoWill enjoys some smaller waves on our Egg board. (Photo by Matt H-B)