A Week of REAL Adventure

By Matt G- 18/11/2015 

This week has been jam packed full of adventure. We’ve had a six Dutch surfers on board for an exclusive trip. As keen, experienced surfers, their ambition was to experience as many fun waves as possible.

Their week began just north of Peniche as we surfed a beach break at Praia del Ray on the afternoon that they arrived. The lads were stoked to arrive to blue skies and lovely warm weather and even more happy to see some nice waves.

surf adventure portugalParked up north of Peniche, ready to enjoy some surf (Photo by Luke)

We then headed a little further north to get an early morning surf at the river mouth to Obidos lagoon, just south of Foz do Arelho. From there, it was time for a bit of culture and we visited Obidos, a medieval town a great castle. Amongst our group, we had a film crew that were shooting videos for an online documentary. They had a drone, buzzing around the castle getting some insane footage.

What better way to end the day, then a nice sunset session in Almagreira, which currently has some epic banks formed and is producing some insane waves.

Thursday was set to deliver some clean ground swell land offshore winds. Of course Supertubos was pumping, but the crowds were flocking there, so we headed to the next spot south, Consolacao Esquerda. This was producing a nice meaty left hander that the lads made the most of.

The swell kept building, so as the tide dropped a bit, we opted to jump in just down the road at Porto Batel for a sunset session, followed by a BBQ on the terrace, which was overhanging the cliff and gave us a great view of the break below.

Ultimate vantage point. Nice spot to watch surf, BBQ and enjoy the sunset (Photo by Matt H-B)

That night we headed south and drove all the way to Sao Torpes, which is near Sines (south of Lisbon). It’s a unique spot, since there is a closes loop system, enabling to the local power plant to use sea water for cooling, then pumps it directly back into the ocean. It just so happens that this is in the spot where we paddle out and the 25 degree water is super nice! We had some fast hollow waves and a couple of cover-ups were scored. The guests started to really get back into the groove and were keen for more, so the adventure continued.

surf penicheMe, enjoying some waves at Porto Batel. (Photo by Matt H-B)

Since the swell was growing, we decided to head all the way down to Sagres, which gives us more options to play on the south cost and on some more protected breaks. On the way to Sagres, we went to check out an amazingly scenic spot called Aivados. This trip turned into slightly more of an adventure than anticipated. We hadn’t really yet managed to put the Wagon through much of a test, when it comes to driving on sandy tracks. We found ourselves getting a little bit stuck, but soon found rescue from a local man and his tractor. Of course, not everything goes 100% smoothly, but it’s all part of the adventure and it was good for us to learn the limits of the Wagon. Hopefully that’s the first and last time we get ourselves stuck.

surf and beersPost tractor ride beers! (Photo by Luke)

On arrival at Sagres we jumped in at a popular spot called Beliche. The short punchy waves come from all angles, as the deflect of the walls to the bay, creating plenty of peaks and breaking up the crowds. The lads scored heaps of waves and only left the water for a quick food break.

Next it was up to Sao Torpes for a glassy, sunset surf with wave after wave being taken. We had the final day spent in Ericeira, where we hopped in at Ribeira D’Ilhas, taking some head high walls which could be ridden all the way in.

An epic week had by all and now it’s on to a new adventure. We’ve just welcomed three new guests aboard. Silke, is a Belgian girl who has surfed heaps in Morocco, but never in Portugal. Yesterday, we had a great warm-up session at Carcavelos. There were barrels steaming in, but we took a quieter side wave, which was less crowded and equally fun to ride!

surf barrelOne of the many barrels at Carcavelos (Photo by Matt G)

We’ve also just welcomed aboard Matt, an advanced surfer who has flown all the way from New Jersey (USA) with some very interesting boards! Also, we have Henry, who is an experienced British surfer, also new to Portugal and keen to explore and shred some waves. Tomorrow we welcome Mike, a friend of Matt’s from the US. This week will no doubt be jam packed full of epic surf. Watch out for some impressive photography from Matt H-B!