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Bye Bye Morocco

By Matt G – 23/03/16

Well, it’s time for us to say goodbye to Morocco for this season. We’ve had a fantastic four months, filled with adventure, exploration and epic surfing. We’ve even managed to uncover some new breaks…

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Morocco Delivers Dreams

By Matt G – 13/02/16

This is a long overdue blog update. Fortunately, the reason for such a delay has been too much surfing and adventures!

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Lonely Tracks, Deserted Points and Big Swells

By Matt G – 30/12/15

Our time in Morocco has got off to a great start, with journeys down to the desert and some beautiful waves all to ourselves.

We’ve truly put the Wagon to the test, taking down miles of empty desert track in search of some hidden gems…

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Touch Down – Morocco!

By Matt G – 06/12/15

Last week ended with a clean swell and lines as far as the eye could see, whipping along the southern coast of Portugal. Fortunately for us, we were heading south, taking our adventure to Morocco

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Mixing it Up

By Matt G – 27/11/15

I may well have laughed more in the last week then I ever have in my life. We’ve got a great bunch on board, all from different walks of life.

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A Week of REAL Adventure!

By Matt G – 18/11/15

This week has been jam packed full of adventure. We’ve had a six Dutch surfers on board for an exclusive trip. As keen, experienced surfers, their ambition was to experience as many fun waves as possible.

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Beginners Aboard

By Steph – 10/11/15

After 10 awesome days with Sven we have welcomed our next group of guests! Not our usual customers as they are a mix of beginners to intermediate surfers, which I’ve been excited about…

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The chase is on

By Matt G – 25/10/15

This week we’ve got Sven on board. He’s an experienced Belgian surfer, keen to get his cut-backs dialled…

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First Guests

By Matt G – 14/10/15

We’ve got our first guests on board and I’m stoked to say that everything’s going great! The day they arrived, the weather switched…

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Touch Down

By Matt G – 06/10/2015 Wagon Surf PenicheWe’ve touched down in Peniche. We broke the journey down over two days, so it was a nice easy cruise. It’s great to get to some sun and surf, and catch up with friends…

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Our Articles

Living the Dream and Making a Living in the Surf Industry – PART THREE

By Matt G – 21/02/2016

Hopefully, you’ve already read part one and two, which cover a number of points to consider while planning your business idea. All the preparation is complete and you can now have real confidence in your surf business start up. You’ve planned for every eventuality you can think of and mitigated as much of the inherent risk as possible. It’s now time to press the big red button and launch this bad boy into the surf industry!

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Living the Dream and Making a Living in the Surf Industry – PART TWO

By Matt G – 15/02/2016

Many say, “surfing’s far more than a sport, it’s a way of life”. Well, here is an article aimed and helping you to develop a new surf business which can direct you towards the dream life of owning a successful surf business.

Hopefully you’ve read Part One to this article already and are now reading on with a business concept in mind. So, let’s continue with the remainder of the planning phase tips…

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The First Step in Living the Dream and Making a Living in the Surf Industry

By Matt G – 06/02/2016

surf jobsPhoto taken by Yorik Leusink

That’s it, I’m hooked” – The phrase that comes out of almost every newbies mouth when they catch their first wave. Little do they realise that the implications of this momentous occasion go way beyond wanting to paddle back and go again.

Many say, “surfing’s far more than a sport, it’s a way of life”. Well, I think a more accurate statement would be to say that “surfing’s more than a way of life… it’s a drug”. As with many drugs it’s more than capable of chewing you (and your way of life) up and spitting you out before you’ve had time to make it through the comedown of your first real high.

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Some Thoughtful Tips for Finding the Ultimate Travel Buddy

By Matt G – 24/01/2016 

Since the recent global recession many of us had to seek more affordable ways to source adventure. An inevitable result for surfers was the increased popularity of traveling by van, touring the coasts and chasing the waves. Some even convert cheap vans into mobile surf homes to live the ultimate free life.

This life brings lots of free time and the occasional lonely moments for solo travelers. Many dog lovers are tempted to get themselves a four legged companion as a loyal travel buddy…

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DIY: Convert Your Surf Wagon to Get an Entire Season’s Worth of Roadtrip Waves

By Matt G – 12/10/2015 

If life’s given you the chance to drop all ties and take a season chasing the waves, you can’t let the opportunity slip away. And what better way to unwind from the everyday grind than to enjoy the coastline and progress your skills in the waves?

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The DIY Surf Wagon For Weekend Warriors

By Matt G – 05/10/2015 

Converting a regular van into a wave-chasing wagon can be a tricky task for even the most experienced DIY dudes. If you’re planning to paddle headfirst into a conversion project, here are a few thoughts you may want to consider before banging in the first few nails.

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Surf Holidays for Dummies

By Matt G – 21/09/2015 

Finding a surf holiday to suit your needs can be a mission in itself, with a brutal amount of variables to consider: From location and budget, to services provided and surf quality. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect trip and score value for your money.

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