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by Charlie Hannaford on Wagon Surf Adventures

What an amazing week! The guys and the set up was awesome and great value for money! We would never have surfed or seen so many different spots in a week any other way. Local knowledge of great breaks/food/attractions was perfect. Made the whole experience so enjoyable we a great bunch of people. Can't wait to get back out with the guys, catch you soon!

by Sean Smith on Wagon Surf Adventures

Had an awesome week in Morocco with the guys at Surf Wagon Adventures! The surf, views, food & company was all amazing and I'm looking forward to doing it all over again sometime ... Thanks again!

by Danni Wood on Wagon Surf Adventures

I had an absolutely insane holiday and I loved every second of it!! Such lovely people and such a beautiful place! I have already recommended it to everyone I know. thanks surf wagon crew!!!!!

by Paul Johnson on Wagon Surf Adventures

Wagon Surf adventures is the way to do a surf holiday! It solves all the problems you get with a classic surf holiday ( stuck on one beach, regimented time table etc). Wagon surf instead guides you around the best beaches in morroco/Portugal in a friendly relaxed manner. For beginners or advanced surfers, wagon surf is definitely the way to go on a surfing holiday.

by Ben Wassall on Wagon Surf Adventures

Had a great time with the wagon crew, the photos are incredible, the surf was awesome and the food was excellent! Can't wait to come again for another adventure and more tagines. Morocco, it's been a pleasure! Thanks from myself and Danni Wood

by Guy Wells on Wagon Surf Adventures

Had an incredible week with these guys, all really easy going and know the right places to help push your surfing as well as taking in the Moroccan culture. Would recommend it to anyone, whatever the skill level. Thanks again guys!

by Mark Nesser on Wagon Surf Adventures

Short but sweet adventure on the wagon with the homely crew. Brought back some fond memories of van touring with waves to boot. Really impressed with the commitment to put the guests into uncrowded waves. Eat, sleep, surf, feed Rufio! Thanks guys...see you in the line-up!

by Nat Jespersen on Wagon Surf Adventures

Had an awesome time with the wagon! The crew is amazing and so are the waves. Have seen countless spots in 15 days and it really is an adventure to go roadtrippin' with the wagon. See you in Portugal grin emoticon Brasistar out!

by Stephen Palmer on Wagon Surf Adventures

Epic time! Even though I had to get a few stitches at the start of the holiday, the adventure was still well worth it. Great to see parts of Morocco that you just wouldn't normally get to see. Nothing better than waking up and looking out of your bed at the surf breaking out the window. Staff are great and the wagon is amazing! Highly recommended surf trip!

by Lina Jespersen on Wagon Surf Adventures

If you wanna discover Morocco and still be around for the best surf spots, wagon adventures is the perfect match. The crew are unbelievable friendly and helpful, they know where to be for the nicest swell. The wagon is girl-approved:)

by Kyle Dunphy on Wagon Surf Adventures

Wagon surf adventure is class, felt at home as soon as we got picked up.. wake up every morning with the surf at our doorstep, went to countless spots with empty lineups, great vibes around and everyone is super helpful. Never seen a van decked out so well cant wait to come back woooooooo

by Will Fenton (UK) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Exceeded my expectations in every way. Great trip if you want to surf lots, feel adventurous and meet good people!

by Michele (Italy) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Great experience. Really good knowledge of spots. Definitely would do it again. I'll hopefully see you guys in Portugal again in April 🙂

In the two weeks I travelled with the Wagon in Morocco I saw more surf spots then I ever could imagine. All of them had perfect waves and most of the time we had the waves for us. I also enjoyed the great chance to use the unique surfboards of the Wagon. While we were traveling along the coastline between Essaouira and Sidi Ifni the guests in the Wagon changed. I always meet super great new people and we as a group enjoyed the best holidays thanks to the amazing and totally cool crew. They made the most out for everybody and served us the best food. After my second visit to Morocco I just love the country with all of its different facets. The tour with the Wagon also enabled us to give us a deeper impression of the culture and the people. Much more as if you normally see or get when you go for 'normal' holiday trips. Thanks for the epic times and adventures! Julia

by Bruno (Netherlands!!!) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Best surf trip I’ve ever been to, hands down! Never had such nice waves. Best crew ever, had a lot of dun in and out the water. Celebrating Christmas with santa hats was awesome. Going to miss waking up on the beach. Also want to thank Steph and H-B for the great food and hosting. Also huge thanks to Will for driving us to all these epic places. SHAKA BRA!!!

by Sam (Netherlands) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Yo guys! Thanks a lot for all the great food, memories, laughs and the waves (and of course the photos!!). We’ve surfed more different spots in these ten days, then in the three months I’ve spent in Morocco before! Also I’ve never seen such good waves like this before. You guys keep up the good work. I wish you guys a happy new year and until the next time, have a good one!!

by Rich Ham (UK) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Great Wagon, Great people, Great surf. I was in Morocco during December and January.I had a fantastic 10 days surfing and chilling. The Wagon crew are friendly helpful and knowledgable allowing you to relax and surf as many spots as your body can take. To top it all it is great value for money. Many thanks to Matt G Matt HB and Steph for looking after me and making this years Christmas a great one.

by Guil (Brazillian) on Wagon Surf Adventures

My time was with the Wagon in December, over Christmas. We were in Morocco.The Wagon is an incredible idea and Matt and his team do an amazing job at running it. Great atmosphere, really fun and superb waves. Wish I could have stayed longer. Hopefully will be back again soon 🙂

by Tristial (from Wales) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Awesome time spent on the Wagon in Morocco (November) with a RAD crew. GREA WAVES… GREAT VIBES… GREAT HOLIDAY! I’ll be back soon. Peace and love bitchesssssss!

by Tristian Sanbrook on Wagon Surf Adventures

Wagon surf adventures was the surf trip of a lifetime!! empty line ups & pumping waves! superb food & a RAD crew!!! Definitely will be back soon!!! Peace & Love

by Simeon (from Netherlands) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Really enjoyed my time on the Wagon. Woke up to the sound of breaking waves every day. Surfed a lot of waves with food company. Thanks for the good vibes! I would love to be back already! Catch up with you again soon. Shaka!!

by Henrik (From Germany) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Great stuff! I joined the Wagon during November 2015 in Portugal and enjoyed a beautiful stay. The van really is something special. But first and foremost your hosts are really taking care of providing the best experience for you and helping out wherever they can. From surfing tips for newbies like me to handing emergency 80l garbage bags when the repercussions of a heavy night out are kicking in while being on the road! Thanks again Matt!wink emoticon Really easy going and good vibes!

So glad you had a good time Henrik. Keep up the surfing bro!

by Lex (from Netherlands) on Wagon Surf Adventures

I was with the wagon for 3 weeks, in this time they gave me the feeling i was part of the family/crew. My journey started in portugal and i traveled all the way to Taghazout, Morocco. Had amazing waves at a lot of different spots. The crew have a lot of knowledge about the area and always now where to go. Matt has a lot of boards that you can try. (Try the single fin! it's awesome) from eating breakfast at the surf in the morning till watching a title fight in the middle of the night i loved it all. The whole traveling lifestyle you have with the wagon is awesome. Hopefully see you again this year!

by Mike (from USA) on Wagon Surf Adventures

I stayed on the wagon in Portugal for two weeks in November during which time myself and the wagon crew surfed every morning and had an amazing time enjoying the sites and culture of Peniche and Ericera. Being my first time in Europe, the crew was excellent about showing us the best waves, food, and activities the region has to offer, all with the proper amount of adult beverages of course. We got worked at Supertubos, barreled at Baleal, raced sections in Ericera and executed a full prison break via the Atlantic Ocean in Peniche. The vibes aboard the Wagon were super relaxed and easy going, as a surf trip should be, everyone was always looking to have a good time. We stopped by a mideval castle in Obidos and made friends with some locals over cheese plates and cocktails. I learned some new Justin Beiber dance moves and how to shoot beers cans off the ancient aqueducts that night. Although we found many fun things to do while not in the water, the main focus of the Wagon is to get waves, and we got plenty. The Peniche region has a lot to offer and the crew was keen on taking advantage of every break. Scored an epic left point break north of Baleal one morning on one of boards provided, a sweet little single fin that absolutely cruised. On the other hand, we tested ours skill (and balls) at maxing Supertubos and Consolacao. We met so many great friends and had some epic times, couldn't ask for a better way to see the waves and culture of Portugal. Hope you guys are scoring in Morocco, because I've been keeping a close eye on the flights over to join you.

by Kees (Netherlands) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Hey Guys! Just wanted to say a few words about the trip we had in November! First off I think we all had a great time. It was probably one of the better surf trips I’ve been on and definitely one of the more interesting & cool travel experiences I’ve had! I’m sure I’ve never surfed so many spots and camped on that many cliffs in a single week ever before in my life. The boards we got to try were excellent, and we had solid waves at a couple of awesome and unique spots. The wagon was great, the fact that we easily managed a whole week, with 8 dudes, in there says a lot! You, Matt H-B, Steph & our Dutch friend; Will, were all super kind and accommodating as well. I recon you all cooked for us at least once, and the food was always good. I can honestly say we had some crazy adventures together that week, and it would be awesome to do it again sometime! Cheers, Kees p.s. Say Hi to Rufio for me!

by Laars (from Netherlands) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Ik ben een week naar portugal geweest met de surf wagon adventure en het was een geweldige ervaring om nooit te vergeten. We reden van de ene geweldige surfspot naar de ander, stond de wind de verkeerde kant op dan reden we verder tot we een goede surfspot hadden gevonden. De truck was een ideale uitkomst waarin je al je spullen kwijt kon, gegeten kon worden en zelfs kon douchen. Ik ben zelf erg lang en pasde prima in de bedden die voor ons verschaft werden. De surfboards waren veel uiteen lopend en ikzelf ben een ervaren surfer en had achteraf toch liever mijn eigen board meegenomen, want daar was zelfs ruimte voor. Ik heb een geweldige week gehad, heb er een prachtige ervaring van over gehouden met de mensen die ik heb leren kennen en iedereen die je aantrekt met de truck zelf.

by Matt (from USA) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Unbelievable crew. Had an amazing two weeks on Wagon Surf. Extremely friendly and energetic crew. Frothing to get you into primo waves. I’ll be back!!

by Silke (From Belgium) on Wagon Surf Adventures

I had a really great time in the Wagon! I’ll see you guys again in Morocco!!!

by Yorick Leusink on Wagon Surf Adventures

If you're looking to explore as much of the Portugese and Moroccon coastline as possible whilst still being able to see all the comfort the wagon offers from the line-up, then Wagon Surf Adventures is definitely the choice for you. Being able to wake up at a (and I don't mean walk-for-15-minutes-through-foresty-dunes "at the spot") different surf spot every morning really puts road tripping a new perspective. Good food, drinks and a hot shower are all right there. All you need to do all day is wake up, surf, eat, have a nap, surf more, have more food, surf, rinse and repeat. It's like living life as a cat, if cat's would be able to surf...And in all a great experience which I would recommend to anyone that's looking to improve their surfing, but also improve their ability to surf different types of spots and waves. Don't think about it, just go!

After so many travelling experiences I would say the Wagon surf camp was one of my best experience. It is the perfect combination of surfing and chilling. We went to Portugal as a group of three newbies and everyone on board was very patiently teaching us to surf. Everyday was different one day we went to Sintra and had a little sightseeing and Pasta del nata and the other day we are having a Perudo game night. The staff definitely knows how to make everyday a special one. I am definitely going again!

by Carol (from Germany) on Wagon Surf Adventures

Anfang November waren wir zu viert mit dem Wagon in Portugal unterwegs. Es war eine super entspannte und abenteuerliche Zeit. Gestartet sind wir in Lissabon wo wir von Matt und seinem Team direkt am Flughafen abgeholt worden sind. Anschließend ging es über Ericeira, Sinatra und Peniche von einem wunderschönen Strand zum nächsten. Vormittags waren wir an unterschiedlichsten Stränden surfen. Da wir teilweise noch absolute Beginner waren, wurden wir von Matt und seinem Team begleitet. Wir sind genau die Strände angefahren, an denen die Wellen perfekt für uns waren. Nach dem Surfen hatten wir Zeit für uns und konnten unseren Nachmittag nach belieben gestalten und uns leckere Pasta del naja kaufensmile emoticon Zum Abendessen sind wir an spezielle Spots gefahren wo nur wir waren. Matt und sein Team haben uns jeden Tag super leckeres Essen gekocht. Von Frühstück über Picknick am Strand und Barbecue war alles dabei. Dieser Urlaub war für uns alle eine unfassbar super Zeit. Am liebsten wären wir sofort länger geblieben. Was gibt es schöneres als im Bett zu liegen und den Strand zu sehen? Ein großes Dankeschön an Matt, der diesen eindrucksvollen Wagon gebaut hat, Steph für Ihre Begleitung beim surfen und ihre gute Laune, Matt H.B. für seine super Fotos die er während des Surfen gemacht hat und nicht zu vergessen Will unserem Fahrer der die beste Thunfisch Pasta macht. wir würden jederzeit wieder den Wagon buchen!!!! Hungi, Vivi & Caro

SVEN HEINEN, BELGIUM: meine erste Reise mit Matt und Co war genau so, wie ich mir einen richtigen Surf-Trip vorstelle. Wir waren immer zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort- ohne stressige Spot-Suche. Durch das Leben im Wagon ist man sehr verbunden mit der Natur und wird ein Teil der puren, wilden Surf Gypsy. (Trotzdem mit einem gewissen Luxus weil der Wagon sehr gut ausgestattet ist). Genau das richtige für Menschen die sich eine Zeit 100% auf surfen, relaxen, Spaß haben konzentrieren wollen.

I've known Matt for 15 years, this is what he was built for! Legend. The Surf Wagon team are my hero's. Morning oats. evening yoga... organic living! James & Ed

by Sven (form Belgium) on Wagon Surf Adventures

I had a great time with you guys. Thanks. The most amazing thing is that I could have just packed my pyjamas, wetsuit and board. I’ll be back for a trip in Morocco