5’8 Mini Simmons

5’8 Mini Simmons custom hand shaped for us by Fahd. This is a copy of the board that Fahd chooses to surf himself, regardless of the conditions. When you take it out, you’ll realise why he only uses the one board, it’s incredible! It’s squash tail allows you to catch absolutely any wave and the wide nose fives you the stability and confidence to take on any drop. The fins actually overhang the tail a bit on this board, so the back foot wants to be planted right at the back of the board, giving you heaps of agility and a seriously fun session!

7’2 single fin egg

7’2 single fin egg custom hand shaped by Fahd. This board is a work of art! It’s retro to the core, quite literally! It’s got a rounded pin tail and 10” single fin. The hull shape gives it outrageous speed. Again, this is a board which takes a few waves to get used to, since the hull shape takes away some stability, but it’s epic. Perfect for those long peeling point breaks and smaller clean days. Plenty of volume gives you the chance to nose ride and the tight tail allows you to seriously shift across the wave.

5’10 retro fish

5’10 retro fish custom hand shaped for us by Fahd. This is a classic retro fish, with plenty of volume (3” body) and a deep swallow tail. It’s set with twin fins to keep that aspired loose feel of the older generation boards. It’s super easy to catch waves on and is great fun in anything up to head high.

6’6 Diamond tail Webber

6’6 Diamond tail Webber. This is one of the most versatile boards going and is perfect for anybody that has the skills on the wave, but needs a bit of additional help to get the paddle speed and launch. It’s more about surface area than thickness and so it has the glide from the area but with the “on rail” grip of a finer rail. With the larger area in the tail and the further forward fin positions it can be turned from the same spot that you drive and trim from. It’s ideal for those looking to work towards a short board, or for anyone looking to rip heaps of waves on a smaller wave day.

6’0 White Shark Superfish

6’0 White Shark Superfish. This has been my regular board for the past couple of years. It’s a nice all-rounder and a great board for anyone new to short boards. The thin tail provides grip and control in the hollower waves, while it maintains some width in the nose making launches stable and reliable. It’s served me very well and will certainly provide guests with plenty more fun!

6’2 retro style single fin rounded pin tail

6’2 retro style single fin rounded pin tail hand custom shaped for us by Fahd. This is one amazing board for the fast paced point breaks that line the coasts of Portugal and Morocco. If you’ve never ridden a pin tail before, it can take a bit of getting used to on the launch, but after a few waves you’ll soon get the feel and fall in love. It’s super fast, maintains enough grip on the wave to keep your confidence high, but has the loose feel that will then bring a huge smile with every turn.