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We have a full domestic shower and boiler, so there is instant hot water and a well pressured shower. We have 700 litres of fresh water carrying capacity, which is plenty for us to all have showers for a week, if we get away from civilisation.

Of course, it’s not possible to have a ‘regular’ toilet in a vehicle, but we have the best and most hygienic option possible, a Jabsco marine toilet. It recycles the used water from the shower as flushing water. It doesn’t smell, like campervan toilets often do, and it’s a very effective flushing system.

Yep. We don’t want people coming into the van with wet wetsuits on, stomping wet sand about, so we have a fresh water shower which can be pulled out from the board storage locker, and rinse off after surfing. This shower isn’t hot by the way.

If you want airport transfers from us, then you should fly to Faro airport (when visiting us in Portugal in April, May, June or July), Lisbon airport (when visiting us in Portugal in August, September, October or November) or Agadir airport (when visiting us in Morocco).

For exclusive groups, it may be possible for us to collect you form another airport, but please discuss this with us first as it can’t always be possible, and may require additional spending.

We realise that although airport transfers will be required for most guests, there will be some that are already touring, or are more than happy to save the pennies and get a bus to us. To help keep the package price down for these customers, we have opted to have airport transfers as an added extra.

If you decide that you don’t want to purchase airport transfers (which cost an additional €65) then you’re welcome to find your own way to the Wagon. If you decide do this then we’ll give you a meeting location three days prior to flight departure (based on our travel plans). Of course, our plans are always flexible and we move with the swell, so we will need to have a contact number for you, that you will have on you when you land. If there are any changes to the meeting location, we can then call you to inform you and arrange a new meeting point.

Yes, we do.

Matt H-B, who is in our team, has a van which we use as our support vehicle. We often use it for airport transfers etc.

We also have a 125cc Honda Monkeybike (the beast!). It’s the ultimate machine for an early morning run up the tracks in Morocco to check the conditions.

We provide breakfast and lunch, included in all of our packages. Breakfast is made up of a healthy continental style, with locally sourced ingredients.

Our lunches are buffet style and are put out at the same time as breakfast. It will generally include a selection of pasta, salad, meat options and bread.

We’re surfers, not professional chefs. This is why our breakfast and lunch is simply buffet style and made up of high quality and healthy ingredients. Since we’re not chefs, we decided not to provide dinners in the packages. Morocco and Portugal both have fantastic local cuisine at really good prices, and we’re happy to provide advise on any local restaurants.

Most of the nights, we (the staff) will be cooking for ourselves in the Wagon. We will provide a list of dinners which we’ll be cooking throughout the week and guests are welcome to join us, for a small fee. Likewise, we’re happy for you to do your own cooking (and cleaning!).

We’ll put on a full beach BBQ once per week, which will be an added cost of just €8 each.

Absolutely. We have a secure and alarmed board storage area, which can fit up to 20 boards (without fins).

Maximum board length we can fit in there is 8ft, so if you have a longer board, be sure to get in touch with us first and we’ll have a think about how we can store your log!

I’m afraid not. You’ll need to either bring your own wetsuit, or we can certainly advise a local place to hire a suit.

We do advise that customers should be confident in surfing up to head high waves. The reason is simple… We chase the best waves possible. If we have other customers on board who are advanced and keen to chase bigger waves, it wouldn’t be fair to take them to small waves because members of the group aren’t confident in the conditions.

HOWEVER… If you pull together a few mates and get an exclusive group trip booked, then it’s a different story. When groups have the Wagon exclusively, they have a huge amount of flexibility over what we do and where we go.  You can surf as little or as much as you want. In fact, if you want, you don’t even need to surf, you may want to do another sport and that’s fine. We can do mountain trips, city trips… It’s really up to you.

When groups have the Wagon exclusively, they have a huge amount of flexibility over what we do and where we go.  You can surf as little or as much as you want. In fact, if you want, you don’t even need to surf, you may want to do another sport and that’s fine. We can do mountain trips, city trips… It’s really up to you.

We can even handle stag groups and romantic get-aways… We’re not so keen on drug running for you though.

Yep. We’re keen to make the most of the good waves and don’t see the need to let them go unridden at night. When the conditions are suitable, we’re keen for night surf sessions. We’re getting spotlights and have a tonne of glow-sticks. We use a buddy system to help ensure a safe session.

Yes, we do. Rufio is our team mascot. He’s an absolute legend and loved by all. If you have a fear of dogs, then he’s likely to be the perfect solution. I’ve met plenty of people who are scared of dogs, but then can’t help falling in love with Rufio.

He loves to dig sand and fetch ball. Other than that, he’s amazingly relaxed and chilled.

If you have an allergy to dogs, we can make sure Rufio doesn’t sit on you and you can rest assured that we thoroughly clean the van every day.

Each guest has their own under-bed pull out draw which is approximately 60cm x 60cm x 25cm. As such, we advise that you pack relatively light. If you bring your clothes in a hand luggage size bag, you should be fine.

Yes, you can.

Of course, our storage space in cupboards is limited, so you’d have to keep your items in your personal storage draw, unless we happen to have some kitchen cupboard space available.

I’m afraid guests are not permitted to keep personal items in the fridges. We have limited fridge space and to offer it to customers could get crazy if each customer is wanting to store a six pack of beers. We need to manage the fridge space efficiently, so only Wagon products are able to be stored in the fridges. We will stock some snacks and drinks, which will be available to buy at reasonable prices.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you asap!

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