Tom designed and created our fantastic website. He was extremely professional, efficient and an pleasure to work with. We could certainly recommend using him to build any custom websites.

Lovo produce a delicious coconut flavoured vodka drink. With low sugars and no artificial colouring or flavours, this is the healthy post surf drink to enjoy with a nice sunset. Lovo have kindly donated a free Lovo for the last customer out of the water every Friday, spreading the Friday feeling!

Vicki from Blue Sheep hats, hand knits amazing marino wool bobble hats. With the highest quality wool, and every hat being hand made, these are really unique hats. Vicki produced some brilliant custom hats for Wagon Surf Adventures, which are available to purchase from us.

OSO (Own Something Original) produce fantastic wooden products. They have an epic range of wood framed sunglasses and also produce seriously impressive, custom engraved wooden phone cases. They’ve stocked the Wagon with a range of their shades for our customers to try and buy.

Alibi produces some great sparkling fruit juices, which are jam packed full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for surfers. Their drinks hydrate and replenish us as well as building our natural defences to combat the damage caused by all the crap we pump into our oceans these days. Alibi has very kindly provided us with a free batch of drinks, as well as allowed us to purchase subsequent batches at a great price, allowing us to keep our fridges stocked with healthy drinks!

Solid Surf House is run by a good friend of mine, Jordy Robers. Jordy has been working in the surf industry for decades and runs a slick operation. He has two fantastic surf camps. One in Morocco and one in Bali. Jordy is my go-to man for any industry specific advise. I would always point beginner surfers, looking for a surf camp in Morocco, in his direction.