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Welcome to the home of luxury nomadic surf trips

Wagon Surf Adventures

Wagon Surf Adventures provides unique, adventure-filled trips for surfers seeking a real surf vacation. We provide unrivalled value by combining the luxury and high quality service of a professional surf camp with the flexibility, wave choice and surf culture of the classically nomadic surfer lifestyle.

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 Our Packages

We have some awesome packages to choose from


If you're looking to join us on your own, or as a small group that doesn't require exclusive use of the Wagon, this is the best option for you. €320/week per person


If you're not able to commit to a full week with us, the Flexitrip allows you to book a day at a time. €50/day per person.


Skint, but desperate to get out and join us? If you’ve got a skill or service that may be of use to us, why not see if we’re willing to make a trade?


If you're in a group and/or want to have exclusive use of the Wagon and our services, this is the one for you. Since you'll have exclusive access to the truck, you can decide what we do and where we go. You may even want to use the Wagon for a climbing, kitesurfing or sight-seeing trip: the choice is yours! €1820/week


- Accommodation, which is of course in the Wagon. Full length bunk beds, toilet and hot shower, full kitchen and a living room with DVD player and TV. - Surfers breakfast (Eggs, pancakes, cereal, bread, tea, coffee, juice etc) - Terrace Lunch (Fresh made sandwich buffet, pasta/rice, juice etc) - Free cooking course during one evening meal cooking. Learn to cook a killer Tajine! - Surf Guiding to ensure you're always in the best location possible and get to explore the coast - Board rental. Use of our unique, hand shaped boards. - On-board wifi - Wagon Atmosphere & Surf Culture. From epic sunsets, clinking cold beers on the beach, to camp fires on cliff edges and everything in between. - Wagon cleaned daily & 24hr assistance

We’re set up to deliver the dream surf trips, with unique services provided:

When the conditions are suitable, we’re set up to safely operate night surf sessions with our guests.

When you get great waves, you want the great photos. We’re able to provide professional photography from the land, in the water and from the sky!

We have a TV in the Wagon and HD camera with 200mm lens. We’re able to provide video debriefing immediately after sessions.

If we don’t get our guests to suitable surf on any given day, we provide credit for a free day on their next trip with us.

A surf forecasting tuition course is available to guests, teaching you how to analyse and understand forecasting charts.

We’re able to move our home around, so we move with the best waves, making sure our guests can roll out of bed and into the best surf possible.

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 Our Locations

Where are we and when?





FARO – April, May, June & July

Lisbon – August, September, October & November

Portugal has some of the most consistent and beautiful breaks in Europe; the entire coast is littered with incredible waves. It has the benefit of both West and South facing coasts, providing the flexibility to adapt depending on swell size and wind conditions, as well as guaranteeing a break for every style of surfer. The culture and food is great, the people are even greater and the conditions are unrivalled in Europe during the Autumn months. During our time in Portugal, the summer crowds have dispersed, the water’s still warm and the winter swells are just arriving; it’s the perfect cocktail for a surf trip!




Morocco is every European surfer’s preferred winter destination for good reason. The coast line is covered in breaks, many of which are virtually untouched and uncrowded, all-day surf is often possible if you know where to go. The local culture is varied and exotic, making every trip a true adventure; one day we’ll be in the popular area of Taghazout with its bikini-clad Europeans and the next we’ll be strolling past a lonely camel in the desert as we make our way out to the surf. If you want to push your surf progression and have a real adventure at the same time, Morocco is the place for you.

The Wagon

The Wagon is our home. A retired 7.5 tonne removals truck, converted into the ultimate adventure surf-mobile. Every detail has been considered in the creation of this beast to ensure that it makes your trip the best experience imaginable.

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